You lucky starfish! If you are reading this it means we will be chatting on the phone.

I have a totally wonky schedule. I sleep weird hours, work graveyard a couple random nites a week, and it changes from day to day.

When people ask when is the best time to call me – the answer is whenever you want to! Call me 24 hours a day, literally.

Flashing Phone Ringer

You cannot disturb me because my phone doesn’t ring. I have a flashing phone ringer. It’s like a strobe light for your phone.*

If I am in my computer room, I see it, if not I will see my voicemail blinking that I have a message. My voicemail messages are also delivered instantly to my email.

I return calls between 9AM and 9PM YOUR time zone, unless you tell me different. Vegas is Pacific time zone BTW.

So if you happen to be working late and call me at Midnight, and I don’t answer and you will be up until 2AM, tell me that. Always tell me the times in YOUR OWN time zone and what time zone your’re in. I have a chart for US & Canada, and use for Int’l. Plus since I am the one with the Math Degree let me worry about the conversion!

If I don’t answer, it just means I’m away from the computer for a bit. Which is hardly ever these days! Exceptions are when I am sleeping or at work, maximum 12 hours. I’m also on skype, but I only load it if I have a planned international call, I call US & Canada free so remind me if you don’t have unlimited.
I do not own nor do I desire to have a cell phone.

I look forward to chatting with you soon!

*Get your own $10 RadioShack Fone Flasher

Oh pif, they don’t carry my model anymore. Here’s another, just not as nifty as mine
$20 RadioShack Fone Flasher

Hmph, Radio Shack changes their stuff too much, try this:
Google Product Search – Phone Flasher


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