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DragonLady Nails


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Please send love and happy thoughts

Dear Wonderful Friends,

Please keep me and my family in your thoughts and prayers. We are requesting emotional support around a family consideration the details of which I wish to remain private. I personally am emotionally frazzled and need to take a break from online distractions, yet in my typical empathic way, I feel like I’m leaving my online and forum friends hanging. So as insensitive as this seems, this notice allows me to feel peaceful in that you will know I’m not ignoring you and at the same time generates some much needed positive energy for my family.

Given all that, I expect I will choose to be conscientiously selfish in replying or not replying to any communication for a while.  I will update when I am back to more stable functioning.

It is perfectly wonderful if you wish to send love and positive thoughts by mental means only, and not even physically reply by typing electrons 😉

I can already feel the energy flowing in, even thou I’m not done typing this, from some of you who are energetically harmonious..

Ms Megan and I are continuing our practice of snugglebunnie meditations as well, interspersed with our typical energetic World Stringie Champion training. She’s the frontrunner by the way.

Thank you – I Love You – ♥ Christy

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