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EveryDivas Superpower

The audio is a little scratchy and has a spot of poor quality in the video, be patient, it’s only like 20 seconds that it’s faint, from 2:28 – 2:46

A higher quality mp3 of the audio is here

You can download from this page:

Here is the link to the official Simpleology blog:
The Everyman’s Superpower posts should be read in order, so use the navigation at the top of each post, or on the RIGHT hand side to read parts 1, 2, 3, and 4)


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My first Toastmasters Certificate : smile :


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Dear SendGrid

Dear SendGrid,

After lots of research and looking at more than a dozen options for starting my new newsletter, I was really excited to choose SendGrid. Knowing that I was just starting out, I was delighted that you offered a free trial, so I could sign up and not have to worry about paying anything until I grew my list. Excited I signed up, then WHAMO! – I was flagged for suspicious account. What a bummer. I use coded email so if that was the reason, I accept that. Then I filled out another page with detailed information. On that page I sent a link to my marketplace site which should be clear that I am a real person with products to sell. I would have been happy to use a credit card for a deposit if that would have helped verify me faster.

And now – crickets! No word about anything for 48 hours. Not even the simplest of verification from a company that sends millions of emails – seriously folks, you couldn’t send a simple verification email as a first step?

What would be super awesome is if someone could invite me to the Accelerate program. I am a solopreneur, not some big startup. And so I am going to post this in public and see who I already know who has a connection to someone who can reach out and help get this sorted out.

Thanks and have a super day : smile :

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Super HUGE Thanks to all the friends who pitched in – I will update in the next couple of days when the final results are officially released!

UPDATE: Ended up with Third prize pick and lucky for me the 2nd winner did NOT want the prize I was after so I got my ticket to the convention! WooHoo!

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