Posted by: funDiva Christy | May 7, 2008

Name that tune

EDIT – Solved: Four Seasons Spring Allegro – Antonio Vivaldi (Found my Idiots Guide to Classical Music CD) Duh, I use his largos as background music for my homemade meditation mp3s

…..Original Post…..
My Mom guessed Handel’s Water Music, but I can’t find which piece and she could be wrong. (Clip only 12 seconds)

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I knew about the sites below, but I have an actual mp3 clip so it’s pointless to try humming and I tried recording the song with melodyhound and it was garbage.

Isn’t there a site that allows me to upload an mp3 clip and use that?

(from yahoo answers)
These sites below lets you search for a song, by tapping/humming

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