Posted by: funDiva Christy | April 18, 2008

outsmarting the internet marketers?

There’s a bunch of controversy whirling around about sneaky and manipulative Internet Marketing sales tactics.

Having been to multiple IM seminars, I know all the tricks, and wasn’t interested in another pile of stuff that might be really great but I don’t have the time for. It’s also a good clue to the upsell backend nonsense when I was sent so many affiliate links. Now why would you need an affiliate link if the only dollar is going to charity?

HOWEVER, prompted by this post (thank you Jeremy), I just went and got the $1 offer using the new PayPal Secure Card. I’ve been meaning to try it out, but we will have to wait and see how it works in this scenario.

It’s basically a temporary virtual credit card to be used online, that can be limited to one-time or single merchant use. Info from PayPal Help here:
Or log in to your PayPal account and look for the upper LEFT link “Tools”->”PayPal Plug-In”

It took a bit cuz ya gotta download and install and restart your computer. But it’s kinda neat, I generated a MasterCard # on the fly and made it a One-Time use only. As soon as I waded thru all the upsell pages, I went back to PayPal and CLOSED the temporary card.

Although, interestingly, there are two items showing up, a $1 authorization and another $1 temporary hold, which I’m guessing is either another charge to see if I was gonna have enough to continue with the membership or PayPal has flagged the merchant.

I’ll keep ya posted on how this turns out.

And for the record, I do not know Matt Bacak (although we are facebook friends) and I know a lot of people are upset, but I’d at least like to give him kudos for including a charitable cause.


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