Posted by: funDiva Christy | August 9, 2007

Dangerous Portable Empire

I’m excited to see Pat O’Bryans book release in action. So far with his help, I’ve made more progress in actually getting my internet products together, something I had gone about totally the wrong way when I was doing it on my own. I am excited for the people in my life that aren’t “getting” what I am doing and more importantly, how they could build their own internet business. Cuz now they can read the book instead of me trying to explain it! The danger of being a geek in this case is they think they would have to have the skills I have to accomplish this, which is just not true!

Read it all here:
“You’re holding the most dangerous book ever written.” Because it shows you how to break free.” A life of freedom where you do what you want, when you want, wherever you want — all while making a good Living!

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