Posted by: funDiva Christy | July 2, 2007

draggin with Dragon

I’m tired why does this exhaust me so much.  I think I speak differently.  When I speak for the Dragon at least now I have the headset on and I’m recording and transcribing at the same time through the same microphones about the little bit of a relief and still finding that I’m talking differently when I dictate wondering if it’s better not to look while I dictate.

Sometimes it is sometimes it’s annoying because then you have to go back and redo everything.  Maybe I’ll go through another training program.  I am trying to speak clearly.  But when I try to speak to clearly than that interrupts my train of thought.  Let’s go find a forum on Dragon

hints on how to get Dragon to work the best for you.  The thing that I think is the funniest is the Dragon knows what I’m talking about Dragon Dragon NaturallySpeaking.  Its bells are correctly, it loves itself so self-serving and egotistical.  It spells it self correctly
artificial intelligence at its best

`Just fell Monday, the Christy Wright.  Now if he could just fell Monday, the Christy correctly, fun diva Christy Boole ooh who fundiva

Fun diva Christy Sunday, the Christy fun diva Christy funDiva Christy.  That is the correct spelling of funDiva Christy

Dragon are you aware that that is the correct spelling of funDiva Christy funDiva Christy at the lovely and beautiful.  That is lovely and beautiful

Let’s go blog this, how fun

the end

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