Posted by: funDiva Christy | June 23, 2007

i swear 2.0 – go twitter yourself

i dont get the point of twitter

if i wanted the world to know what i was doing i would just set up a 24 hr webcam so it was funny when i first heard about it cuz it sounded like twittering was something else – the same something else that marge simpson thought was what it meant when you referred to google

and wouldnt that be funny too – to use all these ridiculous new web site names to swear?

cut me off will ya? well go jott yourself!
mother flickr!
stick it up your jaiku
holy twitter

that works just a little too well
and yes i acknowledge that its challenging to get a short and sweet domain name nowadays, but branding anyone? i dont know what the difference is between all of what these sites do and therefore i dont care  (anyone in marketing listening?

at least flickr is photos so i can see that, flick like pic.  get more creative people if youre gonna make up words make up something that has a good story that people can remember for googles sake!

fun = the goal of life, enjoyment amusement
Diva = one who gets her way and shares the wealth

therefore how clever and brandable

append Diva = modesty optional, but golly gee twitterkers, its hard to be humble when youre as great as i am

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